About Me

I love to photograph life and capture every gorgeous moment in it. Nature, animals, things – everything can be shown at its most interesting angle. My favorite thing to do is to take photos of people, their emotions, their beauty and personalities.

Every person is absolutely special. Everyone has their own story to tell. Photography can show how unique each person is. I love to make my clients to feel beautiful, important, appreciated and happy. Life flies fast, things change quickly, and so we are. However, we are able to stop the time and highlight the best moments, looks and feelings of our life in that one photo. The photo that can live for many generations, and tell the story of who you are.

I am also a writer, actress, nurse and an entrepreneur. What a mix! I love diversity and creativity. In my spare time I enjoy to explore new places, connect to the nature, read good books, dance, eat coconuts and visit tropical beaches.